We are discovering early innovations through Innovation Service, Technology Community and Investment Fund.

Innovation Service

Our Innovation Service focuses on bringing innovative technology into real life scenarios, activating and realizing new business values.

For Industry Leading Companies:

We are the open innovation service provider for industry leaders. Currently, we have established strategic partnerships with Bosch, Lenovo, BMW, Unilever, Budweiser, Haier, Sany, New World Group and many other world leading companies. By working collaboratively, we team up with industry leaders to discover technology-driven startups and identify win-win opportunities.

For Technology-Driven Startups:

We connect technology-driven startups to benchmark users and industry resources.

Technology Community

To make technology innovation a sustainable competitiveness, we established multiple vertical communities to allow well-known technical experts from both business and academic background to share technical ideas and learning contents, promote in-depth technical discussion and exchange of different ideas. We now have established five vertical communities for “Computer Vision”, “Robotics”, “Natural Language Processing”, “Machine Learning” and “Internet of Things”.

Investment Fund

We invest in startups which activates business scenarios and realizes business value through innovative technologies in areas including machine intelligence, IoT, natural user interface, and enterprise computing.

About Our Team

Founded at the end of 2015, our founding team members come from the founding team of Microsoft Ventures in China. The team has worked with thousands of early stage startups, focusing on identify technology orientated innovative companies who can subvert traditional industries. The team have selected and incubated 126 innovative startups (More than 85% of these startups focuses on Big Data, AI, IoT and other cutting-edge technologies and provide corporate services). By the end of 2015, these startups’ valuation is over $80 Billion, their products serviced over 500 million users and over 1 million businesses. Among them, three have gone public at NEEQ, twelve of them has a valuation over $100 million.

Currently all of our team member averagely have over 10 years of experiences in areas like investment, technology and product management, sales and marketing.